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Middleton, Wisconsin, Family Law Attorney and Mediator

Mediation during divorce, child custody or child support issues allows you to directly mediate any contested issues. Rather than have a judge decide your family's situation, you can work together to come up with an amicable solution that is based on your family's best interests.

I am attorney Michael Higgins, of Henry & Higgins, L.L.C., in Madison, Wisconsin. I focus on family law issues, and I am dedicated to helping you resolve your matter. I encourage mediation for families that are willing to work together because it allows for greater communication between the parties.

As your mediator, I will provide you guidance and support that you need to resolve your family law issue. I do not take sides or tell you that you are right or wrong. Instead, I allow both parties the opportunity to be heard, and provide the forum to discuss any disputes using proven mediation techniques.

Family Law Mediation Helps Reduce Tension

In mediation a third-party neutral helps two parties through a conflict. The mediator does not make a decision about the outcome. The mediator helps to facilitate discussions between the parties. The mediator allows each party to talk and guides the parties through negotiations.

Mediation is especially useful for resolving family law issues because each situation is unique. A courtroom resolution to divorce or child custody is not usually in your best interest because it is adversarial and increases tension.

During your mediation, I can act as your attorney or as the mediator, but not both at the same time. You may want an attorney present to answer your legal questions. I will work with you make sure that you understand your rights if you decide to proceed with family law mediation. As a mediator, I have worked with many families facing difficult decisions, and I use that experience to help you resolve important family law issues including:

  • Child custody
  • Spousal support or maintenance
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Divorce

If you feel that you can trust the other party and are willing to work at a solution — mediation is highly recommended. Where litigation pits two parties against one another, mediation provides the forum to resolve disputes. I will calmly and compassionately guide you through any family law issue you may be facing.

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A partner at Henry & Higgins, L.L.C., I offer free initial consultations for every case. Please schedule an appointment to meet with me. I can be available during weekends and evenings to better serve the needs of my clients.

Attorney Michael Higgins
Henry & Higgins, L.L.C.
7611 Elmwood Ave
Suite 201
Middleton, WI 53562
Telephone: 608-345-6550| Fax: 608-836-0986
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