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An Experienced Wisconsin Divorce Attorney at Higgins Law Office Guides You Through the Process

Providing a range of divorce services for each client

When you come to the Higgins Law Office in Middleton for assistance with a divorce case, I use my extensive knowledge of the state’s complex laws to make the process move along as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether your case is solved through negotiation, mediation or litigation, I will meet your specific needs. My firm is focused on making sure your case receives the personal attention needed to obtain the best possible outcome whild keeping costs to a minimum.

The Wisconsin divorce process

Like every state, Wisconsin has its own divorce laws that couples must follow to successfully dissolve their marriage. At the Higgins Law Office, both my familiarity  with the state’s laws  and extensive knowledge of the process work to your advantage. Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state, meaning the court will not lay fault on either party for the divorce, no matter the conduct of the spouses. The only grounds for divorce is irretrievable breakdown, meaning the marriage cannot be repaired.

 Before filing paperwork, one spouse must be a resident of the state for at least six months and of the county in which the divorce is being filed for at least the previous 30 days. Once the paperwork is filed and served to the other party, the court cannot grant a divorce for 120 days afterward to give the clients a “cooling off” period.

When children and property are involved

When divorcing spouses have children, a judge may require that mediation take place to try and agree to a placement and child custody plan. As a family law attorney for many years, I have guided many, many clients through the process. Additionally, the court may order both parents to attend an educational seminar on the effects divorce has on children.

In terms of property, Wisconsin law dictates that there must be an equitable distribution of assets between divorcing spouses. That does not always mean a 50/50 division!  Getting it wrong can cost you thousands of dollars. I will correctly value and divide assets and establish maintenance and child support payment agreements or court orders that are fair for you and within a correct interpretation of the applicable law.

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If you reside in Dane, Iowa or Sauk counties and are in need of an experienced divorce attorney, call the Higgins Law Office today at 608-218-3749 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation today. Evening and weekend appointments are available by appointment at my Middleton office.

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